mGAMe 17.0 was released!



Hey Guys,
I just released mGAMe 17.0 to the public.

#Click Here to Download

The only changes are…

I’m sure most of you know. Manjaro just replace VLC with a different Media Player.

Steam Controller Issue was fixed.

Screenfetch on Terminal was also fixed.

I hope you enjoy mGAMe.

Have fun!

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I’m curious what you did to fix the Steam Controller issue


Torrents are now live at:

PS: Creator did not provide any checksum files this time, so that’s why the checksums folder is missing on the torrents page.


I just add 70-steam-controller-permission.rules to make Steam Controller work.

The main problem with 80-steam-controller-permission.rules is sometimes Steam Controller won’t work after first time.

For those of you asking. Yes, there was 80-steam-controller-permission.rules in this respin. But, Steam Controller will only read 70-steam-controller-permission.rules.

I hope this was fixed.


do you have an issue with the steam controller?


Will you continue mGame to later manjaro versions?


The iso profile for mGame isn’t even public!


I only asked if it will continue or if it discontinued


As @ABOhiccups has not updated anything for the last 15 months.

As other have mentioned to maintain a community edition - a build profile and a settings profile must exist in the Manjaro repos.

That put together - I think it is safe to say it is discontinued.

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