Methods for getting files to and from pinephone?

I guess I could SSH/SCP everything but was hoping for USB disk mode for the SD card?

What are other people doing to movie lots of music, movies or data to/from the phone SD?

I dont use a Pinephone at the moment but I recently came across this super cool site called Snap Drop. It’s like airdrop and it’s secure. I use the scp command to transfer files between machines as it uses ssh and its easy to use. There are tools like FileZilla that make file transfer easy.

I find ssh to be the easiest. You can just put sftp://manjaro@manjaro-arm/ into most desktop file browsers like thunar and nautilus and then drag&drop files. is another system like snapdrop with cute animal names for anyone that joins.

Though I have tested both and not really gotten it to work except the messaging on snapdrop. I like that feature and got it to work

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SSH for single file push/pull BUT big brain move here: use the USB-C dock and large USB atick for bulk transfers. DOH?!? I mean it came with the phone.