Meta key registers on host while inside VM

I’m using Virtual Manager with Qemu, which works awesome except when I’m inside theVM and press the Meta button it registers on the host system as well opening up the application menu and disrupting workflow. It’s the only key/shortcut that behaves this way. What could I do to disable this? Didn’t see anything in the Virtual Manager settings about this, also this doesn’t happen on other distros I’ve used so far with the same setup.

Do you have “grab on hover” enabled?

There is no option for “grab on hover” anywhere… I also don’t have the problem with key grabbing in the VM, but rather only the fact that the host registers the “meta” key as well as the VM when keys are grabbed by the VM.

I’m also experiencing this behaviour: when using vmware horizon client.
Pressing the meta-key opens the menu on the host as well as on the VM. I assumed it to be a vmware-problem.
If there is a way to get the meta key to only register in the VM, that would be great.

Just came across this post:

I’ll try that out tomorrow.

Like duct taping a punctured tire hahaha, but at least somewhat of a fix. Thanks for the link!
I’ll leave it as unsolved for a few more days tho, in the hopes someone figured out a proper solution to the problem. Cheers!