Messed up the file while trying to set static

I’m using a raspberry pi 4 with manjaro arm as a distro.So someone claimed in a forum of private tracker that static ip is is good for uploading.I wanted to test that.So,i followed instructions from manjaro wiki .just like the wiki said,i disabled NetworkManager(which vanished the wireless-network icon in panel). Next i went to write the config file. The example’s gateway was but my gateway is (that’s what i type when i want to access router settings,that makes it gateway,no?) so, i failed to understand what i was doing as i have very little knowledge on’s the final version of the file :


so then i tried to enable systemd-networkd,but nothing happened. Now i can’t access internet.there was some file i need for my educational i can’t just burn another iso there.cant physically backup because usbstick’s storage is not’s kinda urgent for me to access again and setting static ip will be a plus as rpi4 is my only pc.i’m totally new to linux and computers in general so any sort of help is appreciated.

Why don’t you restore Network Manager service after you remove your changes?

You can restore NetworkManager and reserve an ip in your router for the pi4.

There are different ways to accomplish this.