Mess up with the ibus-chewing input method

Hello every one ,I have been using manjaro gnome edition for a few month, and it’s working normally fine with the ibus-chewing until today I just boot up and finding out that the ibus-chewing input method can not work correctly ,and in the manual bar an icon I haven’t seen before was appear, settings in ibus-chewing preferences like shift toggle does not work, and chewing character didn’t appear when typing in Chinese mod, I have tried reinstalling it but it didn’t works ,how can I solve this problem. please help.

The icon I haven’t seen before is the icon on the left side in the picture, the icon seems to be replacing the shift toggle function but it’s weird because I have another laptop with the manjaro gnome edition too, but in another machine the ibus-chewing working fine after fall system update and before update, strange things only happen on the machine I’m using now, I’m new in here and didn’t dig in to much or have enough knowledge with system operation, hope someone can do me an explain of how to fix it to help me out.