Mesa needs a rebuild urgently


current mesa 18.2.6-0 on unstable depends on lmsensors 3.4 but current package on unstable is lmsensors 3.5

this broke my desktop and i had to do a manual ln -s

arch already did the rebuild


two important notes

  1. i tried to report this on gitlab but there is no mesa in packages
  2. this lukily didnt break my laptop because the intel driver doesnt have gallium hud which is what depends on lm_sensors


I suspect the overlay packages need to be removed. I’ll have a look.

Edit: Ah, no. Arch stable is still 18.2.5 so the packages do need to be rebuilt.


yeah that should do it, thanks for the quick reaction
going forward, can you open a mesa section on gitlab to report this kind of things?


Rebuilt and uploaded. It will propagate to mirrors as per.

GitLab isn’t my purview. However, the forum is a decent enough place for this sort of report - it’s not a packaging issue per-se.


thanks for fixing it

i prefer gitlab but as long as the response is fast like it has been in this case its fine to do it in the forum