MESA INTEL Haswell support is incomplete

I just switched from mint to manjaro, so i install wine tryna running a game, but then a error’ say
MESA INTEL Haswell support is incomplete or whatsoever, in mint i didnt encountered some error’ like this

Greetings & welcome Hane.

Unfortunately I cannot help you but if you are able to provide a full view of the error message, that will help people to help you more easily.

Thanks & I hope you find a fix soon. Again, welcome to Manjaro! You’ll get there eventually.

Ruziel :slight_smile:

Whether the message references Haswell or Ivy Bridge:
It means that your iGPU doesn’t have proper Vulkan support. There really isn’t anything much you can do about it.

thank you for the warm welcome! :smile: it fixed it self i can finally play my childhood games

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i reinstalled manjaro and install wine but for some reason it working again welp i guess im lucky…