Mesa-git Update issue

Hi, having an issue with an update. Getting this message:

mesa/ ERROR: Invalid version of dependency, need ‘libdrm_intel’ [’>=2.4.109’] found ‘2.4.107’.

Searched for “libdrm_intel” in repos and AUR but nothing.

Any help would be great thank you

Fat Face

Are you building from the AUR? You should first update everything else and then rebuild the packages from AUR.

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Show us the output of

pacman -Qi lib32-libdrm libdrm mesa | grep Version

Thanks. I’m just hitting update and it’s throwing up this issue. I’m not new to Linux, but I am new to Manjaro/Arch, so not yet up to speed on things like this. So, how do I rebuild the package?

Many thanks

   ~  pacman -Qi lib32-libdrm libdrm mesa | grep Version  :heavy_check_mark:
Version : 2.4.107-1
Version : 2.4.108-1
Version : 22.0.0_devel.147494.db3d76c42d7-1

Many thanks

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There is only

Version         : 21.2.5-1

mesa vesrion in Manjaro repositories on all branches of update gathering.

You showed some further version of mesa. Where did you get it and why not to use current Manjaro version of mesa?

If have no reason to use external mesa package of a bit ahead version, try to install current version from Manjaro repositories:

sudo pacman -Syy mesa

which mesa version you were suggested to install with that command? If 21.2.5-1, then install it.

Have any problem after that?

“Have any problem after that?”

Just a bit. The system is now borked and stuck at boot login. The cmd line said there were conflicts and to remove one version, did that then installed version recommended. Reboot system, now it’s fecked. Hahahahaha. Help.

Better to expand descriptions into logs excerpts what you saw to make clarification what is going on.

So that part was skipped I suppose. :slight_smile:

While it is unable to know details and current PC state:

and no info what exact state of PC, I should ask for more questions:

  1. Were your PC able to load until sddm was shown (it is a login screen)?

  2. If yes, then if to login into user session, then what happens?

  3. Are you able to execute terminal emulator window (it is where you pasted the commands I wrote above) from within user session you entered?

No sddm login, just a black (boot/grub?) screen asking for login. Going to remove my Windows drive before I start mucking about with it, just in case. I’ll let you know. Cheers.

Hello @FatFace68 and welcome :wink:

Note: AUR targets mainly Archlinux Stable and Manjaro Unstable has the same package versions as Archlinux Stable. The script asks for libdrm_intel v2.4.109 which is only available at Manjaro Unstable.

If you really need Mesa Devel, then the solution would be:

  1. Switch to the unstable branch:
    Switching Branches – Manjaro
  2. Do a full upgrade:
pamac update --force-refresh --enable-downgrade --aur

Otherwise you need to downgrade it…

After PC boot up finished at it’s last point are you able to switch to virtual terminal (with login prompt)?
Ctrl+Alt+F3 or other Fn number from 3 to 6.

mesa-git now requires libdrm 2.4.109, which is currently on in Unstable branch. So if you need to build mesa-git you need to switch to unstable branch, update your system and then you can build it.

Guys, but I broke user OS in terms of that mesa video driver:

I need community help to find a way to resurrect the OS first.

Currently I trying to realize what we can do - where to find terminal: on local OS copy (TTY) or we should ask to load LiveCD (Manjaro boot media) to make chroot there and then to proceed with:
-) pacman logs first;
-) does the user has a recent Timeshift backups to quickly restore system state from it;
-) realize mesa or mesa-git is actually needed (how mesa-git to mesa replacement could broke the OS, I do not know);
-) branch switches and other stuff.

I made the post to be wiki-post, please edit planned operations to do in order to improve the plan.

It the very first time I broke somebody’s OS.
Andy, I apologize.
Go a scary feelings on that your feedback of broken PC.

No problem, my friend.

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Used a live usb and tried chroot, but for some reason it wouldn’t install.
No time shift (nothing of importance to worry about on the drive)

I think the mesa packages got mixed up when trying to resolve an issue with steam not loading my games.

Let’s try together.
While on LiveCD do

sudo manjaro-chroot -a

what do you see?

Just to make sure check what we are actually changed the root, let’s check boot up count in system journal:

journalctl --list-boots | wc --lines

if it is greater than 1, we a surely inside of installed OS copy.
So are we in or not?

Andy, where are you? Please post that you are ok or what issues you met.

After successful chroot, basically I thought to ask you next:

  1. Please report what package changes were exactly done:
    check the output by yourself:
tail -n 100 /var/log/pacman.log 

or change 100 last lines count to another value, but to show the Mesa-git Update issue - #6 by alven action and all further events.
you can copy/paste here full report or auto-submit it and to post a link here:

tail -n 100 /var/log/pacman.log  | curl -F'file=@-'

the server will respond in terminal with short link to the report.

Before to proceed let someone to check that log, if I will be unavailable at that time.

The next planned actions l think will be:

  1. Let’s restore all as was including mesa-git package of 22... version and fix for it by Mesa-git Update issue - #10 by megavolt suggestion:

a) switch branch to unstable

sudo pacman-mirrors --api --set-branch unstable --proto https --country Germany

b) do a full upgrade

pamac update --force-refresh --enable-downgrade --aur

c) install that new mesa-git which you have previously but by that time we already got it’s newer dependency version:

pamac build mesa-git

d) exit from chroot environment


e) reboot PC and boot installed OS copy.

If all is OK, then perhaps you want to switch back to stable branch of updates, but to leave package versions as currently they are:
switch to stable

sudo pacman-mirrors --api --set-branch stable --proto https --country Germany

and refresh databases (all newer package versions you got will be intact and someday stable branch will get these newer versions also):

sudo pacman -Syyu

If you have some problems, please post.

Sorry not to be in touch sooner. Couldn’t look at this anymore today. Might get to do it tomorrow. Don’t beat yourself up about it. It was a pretty fresh install, with nothing on it was of any importance at all. I have two separate drives in this PC, one for windows, one for linux, so it’s really not a massive headache for me.
Many, many thanks for your help.

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Thank you for that words! Andy, if you can, will have time, please share this:

I need it to figure out what it was removed and installed else to make assumptions of possible issue relations to understand the case.
Of course, I can’t insist if to re-install is much easier, time consumed, etc.

Thank you for this earlier reply (that you not postponed it to a 10-20-30 hours later when you will be able to interact with the issue next time).