Mesa 21 upgrade

On my arm-unstable system, the upgrade to Mesa 21 was not well received. My RPi4 uses llvmpipe with lightdm and it fails to successfully switch to graphical mode. I get a black screen with backlight, I can not switch tty, but I can reboot. Rolling back to 20.3.4 restores a working system.

If I switch to kms, I can get to a desktop but compositing is broken. glxinfo shows Zinc (V3D 4.2). vulkaninfo displays information but vkcube fails to run.

So your issues are because you have switched to using Vulkan?

Could be… but it was not intentional. I updated and it broke. I then tried kms in a effort to get a functioning system so I could roll back mesa. While using kms, I checked glxinfo and vulkaninfo.

But if I comment out kms in config.txt to revert back to llvmpipe, black screen.

We are using the mesa package that Arch ARM uses, so I would assume that many Rpi4 users would have the same issue on Arch ARM.

I was afraid that would be the case. I’ll dig in and figure out what I have messed-up.

Edit: I removed vulkan-broadcom and vulkan-mesa-layers, then upgraded with just mesa. I rebooted and it seems to be working fine now with llvmpipe with xrender compositing.

Yeah. I haven’t seen any issues reported on the Arch ARM forums about it, so it was bound to be specific for your system. :wink:

So Broadcom Vulkan driver is not good with mesa 21. That’s good to know.

To test, I upgraded an arm-testing install which uses kms and vulkan to arm-unstable, and it has no trouble with the upgrade.

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