Merging instances of one application in the panel

Hey guys.
As you can see, I’ve opened 3 instances of firefox, 2 of thunar and 2 of vlc, but they are all being shown separately.
Is it possible to have them merged in the panel?

Many thanks


I haven’t used XFCE for a long time, but there is a setting somewhere that addresses this.

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“right-click” the panel > panel > panel settings > objects > window buttons > edit > window grouping

…you can change between “always” and “never” .


I applied the setting and it worked!

Vielen Danke!

Use “plank” instead of the xfce “window button panels” plugin, Works perfectly with xfce,

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I like Windows Buttons, except for the fact that the icons can’t be enlarged. Plank is a great dock, but if you’re just looking for a taskbar plugin:

xfce4-docklike-plugin does allow icon sizing, with appropriate grouping as well.


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