Menu: move snap app shortcut to another menu location

Hi Community!

I’m new to Manjaro and am struggling on the following issue:

  • I have installed a dev application (Postman, snap version) whose shortcut has been put in Main > Accessories location (on-the-fly translation from FR menu).
  • I want this shortcut to be in Main > Development, as it seems more relevant.

I first supposed it was just a question of cut/paste of the xxx.desktop file into the proper folder, but couldn’t find any Postman shortcut nor any folder in /usr/share/applications/!

Hence the questions:

  1. how can I find the location of the shortcut file itself?
  2. how can I “move” the shortcut to another folder, as there’s no folder?

Thanks in advance for any help to a poor newbie! :grin:

Hi and welcome,

You haven’t said which DE you are using. If it’s KDE, you can open kmenuedit to move things around in the menu.

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