Menu Editor (menulibre) missing from repo

Hi just wanted to suggest adding menulibre to the repo as it is missing so I had to install it from the Aur and doesn’t allow to use it from the edit menu context option on whisker.

We have no edition that uses it by default and it’s available in the AUR.

This is probably a configuration issue on your side. I suspect you need to modify the whisker menu to use it by default.

Yeah shouldn’t the xfce4 ARM iso have it since it is used on the xfce4 on the x64 by default?

Nope. The XFCE profile we use in ARM is different than the one used on x64.
Our profile does not use it.

Hmm I see well I still think menulibre should be on the repo because it’s a really handy application to edit your menu application shortcuts and would be better to have it in the repo instead of needing to use the AUR package.