Memtest 86 showing at startup

Hello guys I reinstalled kde manjaro 20.03 and put updates to install and I slept for a while for some strange reason I was not able to login even after I gave correct password… so I forced shutdown my laptop… now everytime I switch on laptop it runs memtest 86 5.01 and it’s not allowing me to boot into desktop not sure how to Bypass this :sob: any help would be appreciated

Welcome to Manjaro.

You should have read the current announcements known issue, perhaps this hit you:

  • Try booting from usb and manjaro-chroot -a into your installation
  • fix the pam issues as described in the mentioned post above
  • for good measure update the system sudo pacman -Syu
  • and sudo update grub


Please don’t ever do that to your system, Try this next time:


problem solved… i re installed manjaro kde from usb …i know its a pain but i had nothing to loose as it was a fresh install… i updated all latest updates via terminal not via interface… now running smoothly thanks for your input and i learnt something new thanks …i installed time shift so now need not have worry about breaking stuff lol… newbie to manjaro and linux loving manjaro kde …

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