Megasync not syncing

I just noticed that Megasync has stopped syncing for me. It does not show any errors but it just does not sync the changes (nor gets the latest changes from the server either).

Is anyone else facing similar issue?

System Details:
Kernel version 5.8.3-2
Megasync version installed via pamac install megasync (from AUR)

Rebuilding libpdfium-nojs should help.

Sometimes my synced folders get deselected, I don’t know why. When this happens I just need to open the configuration and select them again.


Mega provides arch packages directly. you can add it to your /etc/pacman.conf

###REPO for MEGA###
SigLevel = Optional TrustAll
Server =$arch
###END REPO for MEGA##

You probably need to add the signature to the keyring first.


Thanks for the suggestion. I did a pamac build libpdfium-nojs and restarted the laptop. But its still not syncing. It isnt detecting changes in the folder…

This is it ! This happened to me for the first time. Thank you !

Is there any specific advantage to adding the repo directly to pacman.conf as compared to using the plain old pamac upgrade?

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From AUR you build the package from your system and it takes some time, and from their repo you probably download directly the compiled binaries which is faster as you do not need to compile anything from your system.

I would prefer the AUR package personally but both should work.


Thanks, I didn’t know that. I will add the repo to pacman.conf :+1:

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