Megasync from AUR - no tray icon (solved)


I installed Megasync succesfully from AUR, but when I want to close the app, instead of minimizing to tray, it shuts down the app completely, meaning it won’t sync anymore either. The only other option seems to be to have it minimize to my dock, which is not what I want. I’m using Manjaro 21.1.0 with GNOME. Also, I tried it from AUR with both “Megasync” and “Megasync-bin”.

Edit: I came across a post on reddit that came with a solution. I had to install the gnome “tray icons” extension through the gnome extension website and that fixed it for me. Duh!

Edit 2:
The layouts app that comes with Manjaro actually offers an option to enable tray icons too. I decided to use this one. Why did I not notice this before? lol

Sorry for my absolute newb question–Prior to Manjaro I’ve been using Pop and Ubuntu.


Welcome to the forum :wave: and thanks for leaving behind the solution :slight_smile: