MEGAsync Dolphin applet uses incorrect theme

The version of Dolphin file browser which opens from within MEGAsync (for example, when opening a folder using the MEGAsync UI) doesn’t render properly. As shown in the attached screenshot, the icons and the file viewer background appear to be using the theme that I set in user settings, the window body and fonts appear to be the default “light mode” options, resulting in a nearly unreadable window. Both my Global Theme and GTK Application Style have been set to “dark” options (Breeze Dark and Breath Dark respectively). I don’t see this behavior in any other application, only MEGAsync.

Looks like an AUR package with some patch applied to git that hasnt been updated in a while.
(which uses the mega source for the dolphin plugin which itself hasnt been updated since 2018)
That may not be the problem … but … rather … I wonder … is it launching dolphin as root somehow ?

How can I check whether MEGA is launching Dolphin as root?