Megapixels 1.6.1 and megi kernel 6.2 for the PinePhone

Megapixels 1.6.1 was tagged a few minutes ago, finally fixing:

Megapixels 1.6.1

  • Get the PinePhone cameras working with newer kernels (MR 31)
  • Increase capture-rate to 15 on pinephone (MR 29)
  • Increase burst minimum (MR 28)

So this should now work with megi’s 6.2 Linux kernel. So can we have linux-pinephone upgraded to 6.2 from megi and megapixels to 1.6.1 from upstream soon? As I understand it, the megi 6.2 kernel should make libcamera work.

Unstable already ships a fixed version. You can track Pinephone development best on my Phosh edition as I don’t care much about Plamo :small_airplane: Manjaro ARM Beta32 with Phosh (PinePhone / PinePhonePro)