Meet requirements

Manjaro 3 branches are present at the moment on Repology (i.e. Manjaro Stable repository information - Repology) which keep track of packages versions but are marked for removal in an undefined future

This repository does not provide links to package recipes or sources in a way accessible by Repology. This is critical, because one of the goals of Repology is to make the details of how a project is packaged visible to anyone. It makes Repology maintenance harder as it’s not possible to easily check where a specific version comes from; it does not allow upstream to check the recipe and improve their software to simplify packaging, or suggest corrections to the maintainer; it does not allow other maintainers to learn new ideas. It may be as well dangerous to users due to lack of transparency. Because of that, this repository is subject to removal in the near future.

See documentation for a best way to make package metadata available for Repology.

Documentation: Requirements for new repositories

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. I apologize for not responding sooner.

Repology hasn’t contacted Manjaro as far as I know. I have no idea what needs to be changed to meet their new requirements. It was working before, so it would be nice if they let us know what needs to be changed.

As you might already know, we already have our own method:

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I never heard of repology before this topic.

A package database is available in all repos - that database is kept up-to-date in precisely the same manner as Arch Linux.

Is there any good reason why Manjaro should develop a special service for repology to consume data that is already available ?


If repology want to parse those they are free to do so - the data is freely available.