Media Player Applet in Tray does not include Kasts media

It works on my other PC, but not on my laptop where I would also like to start/stop playing podcasts from Tray.
I can’t seem to find google results on it, not too many people seem to use Kasts.
Is there like a list of apps where i could add Kasts to the Media Player applet?
It works fine with SMplayer.

It should work out of box (at least for me it works). You can also add Kasts icon tray in settings and control app from this icon.

Thank you this would work around it, didn’t know you’d get buttons with the tray icon. Nice Gruvbox Plasma btw.
… !
Know what, I just works after a restart. I’m stupid please, delete this thread it will waste others’ time. Might have been some Youtube playing before or so, so that it was a temporary bug. Let me have look if it stays fine and then mark this as solved. Mods may delete this after I mark it solved. Sorry guys.

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You’re right that Kasts should really come up as a top solution for Podcasts - I like that it’ll stream stuff without you needing to set it to download or anything.

I picked up on it on Linuxlinks website and the only thing I dislike about it is that, being a ‘convergent’ software, it doesn’t follow the normal desktop application schema - so no menus, just a ‘settings’ icon bottom left etc.

Something else that’s strange is that you can set it to mark (when adding a NEW podcasts) all episodes as played…

However, it does respond to media keys and, as you discovered, the media applet too.

Glad to know I’m not the only one using it.

And when the podcast can’t be found in the search function I have to use Gnome Podacsts > export .opml and import that into Kasts since it only supports .rss URLs. When you’re adding a podcast from Apple for instance.

I think there’s a bit of a problem with the synchronising now, it used gpodder - which I was using for Linux Outlaws back in the day… that’d need a self-hosted solution.

It only searches, so I guess I’m lucky not to have wanted one that didn’t come up there. It’ll certainly do .xml feeds - give us an example of one you couldn’t add.

And here an .xml under “Podcast abonnieren” > RSS-Feed:

So - this one?


It seems that you didn’t search right.

Ok I couldn’t find the second. However my point was, I couldn’t add it via URL.

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