mcomix broke after latest update on testing branch

Sorry, my misstake, will try rebuilding it.

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Oops my bad ,forgot about minor versions. Probably patches to assure that it works properly.
Issue reported here.Guess we will have to wait?


If you need a comic reader in the meantime (I know I couldn’t live without one), I use YACReader, which also includes a database/manager system, YACREader Library. There is also Peruse and if you are on KDE, Okular does a bang up job for reading single issues (no database/mgr system though.) :man_superhero:

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Thank you for the recommendation, will have a look. For now I simply extracted image files from the CBZ/CBR archives.

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From the bug report: “Downgrade to pillow 5.4.1-1 fixes the Problem.”

downgrade python2-pillow

If you have downgrade installed. If not, install it.

The problem is that we only have (I checked via pamac couple minutes ago)

Using the command…

downgrade python2-pillow

…will list every version going back quite some time. I’m running Arch so I cannot tell you what, exactly, that command will list in Manjaro. I was showing you what the bug report suggested as a viable workaround. What you do (or not) with it is up to you. But, for example, on my machine, it lists the following…

[c00ter@baked ~]$ downgrade python2-pillow
Available packages:

   1)  python2-pillow    4.0.0  1  x86_64  (remote)
   2)  python2-pillow    4.0.0  2  x86_64  (remote)
   3)  python2-pillow    4.0.0  3  x86_64  (remote)
   4)  python2-pillow    4.1.0  1  x86_64  (remote)
   5)  python2-pillow    4.1.0  2  x86_64  (remote)
   6)  python2-pillow    4.1.1  1  x86_64  (remote)
   7)  python2-pillow    4.2.0  1  x86_64  (remote)
   8)  python2-pillow    4.2.1  1  x86_64  (remote)
   9)  python2-pillow    4.3.0  1  x86_64  (remote)
  10)  python2-pillow    5.0.0  1  x86_64  (remote)
  11)  python2-pillow    5.1.0  1  x86_64  (remote)
  12)  python2-pillow    5.1.0  2  x86_64  (remote)
  13)  python2-pillow    5.2.0  1  x86_64  (remote)
  14)  python2-pillow    5.2.0  2  x86_64  (remote)
  15)  python2-pillow    5.2.0  3  x86_64  (remote)
  16)  python2-pillow    5.3.0  1  x86_64  (remote)

  •  17)  python2-pillow    5.4.1  1  x86_64  (remote)
  •  18)  python2-pillow    5.4.1  1  x86_64  (local)
  •  19)  python2-pillow    6.0.0  1  x86_64  (remote)
  •  20)  python2-pillow    6.0.0  1  x86_64  (local)

select a package by number:

Downgrade and Pamac are not the same thing.

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I mean if user installed mcomix trough pamac it pulled dependency python2-pillow (version right? If so why error still persists? If not which version of pillow was installed.

  • I run Arch.
  • I don’t use Pamac.
  • Try downgrading to an earlier version. Or not. It’s your system. (A/K/A Aint freedom great!)
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Gotcha. :+1:

There’s a reason for Testing in Manjaro, and my hat is always toffed to those brave enough to use it. :slight_smile:

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The dependency is not for any particular version of python2-pillow.

Just downgrade to 5.4.1-1 and it will work again.

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First of all I am gonna point out the fact that I am super dumb. The title literally said TESTING BRANCH and yet I (the stable branch user) assumed that we didn't have version 6.0.0 yet.Sorry for all confusion everyone @c00ter @jonathon @veroslav .

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I got tired of waiting for mcomix to update.

Here is the solution taken from Line 206 in /usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/mcomix/ needs an edit.

assert PIL.Image.VERSION >= '1.1.5'
assert PIL.Image.__version__ >= '1.1.5'

Here is the sed command to do this. Tested working with mcomix 1.2.1-4 and python2-pillow 6.0.0-1.

sudo sed -i "s:assert PIL.Image.VERSION:assert PIL.Image.__version__:g" /usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/mcomix/


If you can format that as a diff to the PKGBUILD I'll build and upload to unstable.

Otherwise I'll try and do it at some point.

@Frog already did it using a proper commit.

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I'm suprised the maintainer on Arch Linux side didn't answer it yet.

No idea if it is because the maintainer is waiting for an answer or a release from upstream, if he actually needs help to backport a proper fix, if he really have more urgent priorities (althought it has been more than one month now) or if he doesn't care much about MComix anymore.


The link for the PKGBUILD + diff file is still working if people are interested.

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The commit works btw. It's more robust solution also.

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Not sure how I missed that thread. I'm building now(ish).

Edit: mcomix-1.2.1-4.1 is now in unstable.

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