Maybe we need blog (thoughts about spreading news)

Sorry but I don't know where to put it.

I feel we need separate blog site/or subcategory in news on for subjects like Office suit, cooperation with PINE64, interview in Jupiter Broadcasting, new laptop partnership and so on.
I understand that this is extra work but it have some pros:

  • users who don't want to involve in discussions like "Including FreeOffice is a bad idea" know what is going on. Everything what M-Team tried to say is drowning in flames
  • Distro reviewers will have extra information about plans for future etc. to talk about in videos/articles
  • news can be easily found without searching in Announcement post

I know that some sort of that info is in Update Announcement, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit but usually it's short form, I have on mind something more detailed.
For example PINE64. I found on YT only one short interview with Pine devs, Phil and Oberon on small Youtubers channel, audio quality was not the best because it was pretty loud around there and I didn't catch much but I remember that they talk about something interesting related with phones (It was on convention but I don't remember name).

These is only my thoughts I'm not pushing anything.

Regards :slight_smile:


That was probably at FOSDEM 19. :slight_smile:

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This is a good idea for a source of official information, do you guys think you can get the time for it. @oberon, @philm

After the trouble of the last few days, I even think it's necessary to make the news presenter in the forum and in social media.
I think many people don't read the announcements and didn't even hear the news, but they were the first ones who scolded loudly.
It would also be a good platform for everyone to bring more suggestions and news. Maybe you could do some voting in between to get a resonance.