Maximized windows not correctly filling out the screen


It only happens for some programs, usually after I mess around with special window settings for that program, however even if I clear a window of all settings the issue remains, this is very frustrating.

This is specific to the mpv video player. It cannot fill the screen because it follows the aspect ratio of the video being played, and it has no padding with black borders like vlc has.

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No, it is not, it was literally not doing this 5 minutes ago. (And I was using it for various files to troubleshoot an issue I was having with it for actual hours without this happening)

If the aspect ratio of the video matches your screen resolution, then it will fill the screen. If it doesn’t match, then it won’t.

This is not specific to Manjaro. It’s specific to mpv, and for as long as I remember, it has behaved that way.

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Simple fix:

echo "no-keepaspect-window" >> ~/.config/mpv/mpv.conf

I was not saying it’s specific to manjaro, I was saying it might be specific to kde;

@winnie thank you, you’re a lifesaver.

And I was telling you it’s not. :man_shrugging:

Well, and you were right it seems, but what was I supposed to think?

mpv didn’t behave like this for actual hours I was messing around with it, then I started messing with the kde window settings for mpv, and all of a sudden it started doing this.

It was a natural conclusion to draw that it was something KDE was doing :man_shrugging:

The best way to get help is to be open to suggestions.

@Aragorn pointed out this is an mpv issue (which it is), to which you replied “No, it is not”.

I’m not being rude, and glad to help out! :slight_smile: Just think it benefits everyone to embrace the concept that “to give help and to receive help is more adjoined then one would intuitively assume.”

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Yes you’re quite right about that, but sometimes we’re sure about something even if we’re wrong.

As I said, I had pretty good reasons to think what I did.

I highly suggest you bookmark and read (or skim through!) the official MPV guide over at

You’ll be surprised how powerful and customizable it is! :heart_eyes: Rather than provide a GUI to adjust settings (like with VLC), you can create your own custom mpv.conf files, behaviour, and keyboard shortcuts.

For example, I made U and SHIFT+U upscale and downscale the subtitles by 10%, respectively.

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I actually have a fairly thorough mpv config, and made it myself too, I’m an experienced user of it. But I think this option is relatively new, so it’s not strange I didn’t know about it.

Also this is not exactly the behavior I want, keeping the aspect ratio of the window is actually ideal, when in windowed, just not when the window is maximized, I only really want this to happen when the window is maximized but I’m looking into settings for that.

I do not actually remember if that was the behavior I had before or not though, it’s strange how this issue cropped up actually and I’m only now thinking about it.

I never had this issue occur before.

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