Maximize windows on top of polybar

Hello, I'm currently on the Openbox edition of Manjaro. I'm wondering how to configure Polybar so that maximized windows are on top of Polybar. Currently, maximized windows sit bellow polybar. I've looked through the config files for both Polybar and Openbox and can't seem to figure it out myself.

You can use F11 on any window and it will go full screen covering everything.

Right, but the Openbox edition includes both Polybar and Tint2. I want Tint2 to remain visible, but for Polybar to be covered by maximized windows. I want this to be the default behaviour for maximized windows without having to use full screen.

I think you can use xdo package, then make use of:
xdo lower -N Polybar
either as shortcut, or differently ...


I don't think that is possible - as a part of polybar config. I see it going against all what polybar is designed to. Being visible.

You may have luck with @bogdancovaciu's suggestion - I still recommend using F11 when you want to go full screen.


Tested - doesn't work

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It requires the dock = true line in ~/.config/polybar/config file.


I understand - there is quite some usecase where it is used like conky - to display info on the desktop - info you do not interact with like you do with polybar the way Openbox use it.

Thank you for the tip :+1:

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That's perfect! Thank you!