Maximize shortcut (Meta + W) not working

I have recently installed Manjaro Linux KDE Plasma (Plasma version 5.20) and I have been getting some troubles setting up more familiar shortcuts. For example, I’ve been trying to set Maximize window to Meta + Up, but it doesn’t work. When I changed in KWin Global Shortcut, I tried it off in the Konsole and instead of maximizing the window, it writes “A” to the Konsole. I then switched back to default values but something happened because I cannot maximize using the default shortcut for any window (Which is supposed to be Meta + W, according to the menu when I lef-click the top bar of any window). When I hit Meta + W in the Konsole (willing to maximize it), I get “sw” written to it instead.

I also had some hard time setting up the Meta key to open the application launcher, but gladly I managed to find out that I was supposed to assign the same shortcut to Alt + F1 (for some reason also unknown) and this worked just fine, I can now use Meta key to open the menu. However, I’m still stuck with the maximize shortcut. It’s been kind of dissappointing for me because I’ve tried XFCE and Gnome, and it is my first time on KDE. Almost switching it back to Gnome, but now I have got my whole development environment set, I don’t want to install another desktop environment. Can someone assist me on what might be happening with these shortcuts involving the Meta key? Thanks in advance.

Well, as we all know, the first thing to do after installing KDE Plasma is to set up timeshift.

So in your case, I’d say the first thing to do would be to restore your last snapshot.

If you don’t want to go that drastic, you can simply browse your timeshift backup folders and compare files with your /home directory.

If you don’t have that, then you can create a new user and make a timeshift snapshot - then you have that user’s ‘default’ home directory. After that, you can delete the new user (however, it’s useful to have to see if the problem is just your home directory).

Once you are back to normal, you can import other things from your current timeshift.

I also had issues with just using meta for menu, now I use meta+Z for my main menu.

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