Matray error on fetching news

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I am having an issue fetching news in Matray. I found this post Matray errors fetching news which appears as solution for this just restarting the news service. It’s closed and don’t know how to restart a service neither which one is the “news” one. Any advice? Thank you all

Error occurred fetching news:
Error resolving “”: Fallo temporal en la resolución del nombre

This is the error notification from Matray

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Looks like a (temporary?) error with name resolution to me.

Open a terminal and:

$ /usr/bin/matray &

Yeah that’s what it means. Got that error after deleted Matray from autostart and when putting it again in autostart list got that.

Also I’ve noticed that Matray only works with Plasma X11, if I start the session with Wayland it doesn’t starts.

Is the server URL of Matray ok? did it change?

In the default generated autotstart deskop file it uses the --delay argument:

Exec=/usr/bin/matray --delay

It’s working for me.

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–delay does the trick :wink:


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