Matray error - Bad Gateway

Think it only needs someone to host it on thier server, pretty sure it’s not actually broken. Hopefully someone will pick it up

Somehow I doubt that is the reason:

This is a pity, matray was simple, but very visible and usable addition to Manjaro. There are frequent updates, you are encouraged to check the forum and this made life easier and made Manjaro to look more polished as a whole.

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If it means I’ll stop getting the error every 10 minutes, I’ll volunteer to host it, indefinitely.

While I wait to hear from @moson on whether he’d like me to host it on, I’ve dockerized mnserver(source) and am hosting it at for anyone to use, if they so wish.


@Weidenwiesel fixed it.


To clear the situation, it is only removed from the new isos. But it is still in the manjaro repo.

So is this what is supposed to be in the server URL now in the settings:

Whatever ya want. is the official unofficial service is an unofficial unofficial one



too funny

I uninstalled matray to be on the safe side. You can’t put any unaccredited url there, I think everyone realizes why…

Hey guys, sorry for the downtime, it happened while I was not in the country and with horrible internet connection, so it took me longer than it should to notice it, especially since my monitor wasn’t ready yet for the server…

I have identified and fixed the problem and finally added an uptime-monitor to the service which will notify me in case something ever happens again.
Please note that I do not log any kind of requests. It’s only a simple uptime monitor :slight_smile:

Feel free to continue using the domain and matray.

And again, sorry but stuff like this happens sometimes :wink:
And it ALWAYS does when you’re not there :smiley:


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