Materiav2: My awesome theme

Screenshots of each style can be found on the project page.
My current style on XFCE:

(Autohide panel)
I'd appreciate someone helping me make a Kvantum theme for this so that KDE users can also enjoy it.


@gsbhasin123 what is the license? The same as original materia theme? I want import in Manjaro .. Hope you maintain this for future :wink:


No, it's MIT. I should add it, thanks! What do you mean import in Manjaro...
And yes, I do plan to maintain this for a long time. If you like it, please donate here:

I can make a package and import in our repository ( Manjaro Repository ) .. only after a quick surfing in your repository your themes are inconsistent. All of your theme are referenced as Materia and not match with your theme name like materiav2-dark-maia for example. I think you hav to rename all folders and also into index.theme you need to match with it.. If you correct all i can reconsider to import in Manjaro but for now i have to decline my previous post...

I'm not sure what you mean. What should I rename ? If you want I can give you access and you can do it yourself...

Hey so I figured out what you mean and have started renaming files. Dark is done, now to do to light... :wink: When can you import it? And why rename all folders i dont get that...

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Light's also done!

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