Material Shell breaks since latest update

I use Material shell as my window manager and moved to Manjaro for this specific reason. I’ve had it break on other distros when I’ve built from scratch and thus changed to Manjaro because it comes build in as an option.

Since the update yesterday to Gnome 44.1, it’s become really unstable. It’s impossible to resize the panes on split layouts for some reason.

I’ve reached out to the maintainer of Material Shell too but it seems to be a dependency change that has broken it.

Is there a way to roll back to a previous version that I was using before? I don’t have a timeshift available for before I did the upgrade.

Thanks in advance


Can you post the request you did to the developer? @Yochanan might know more as he is more or less maintaining extensions for Gnome.

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No, as it would not be compatible.

Hello, I’m facing the exact same issue. What can we do for material-shell to be re-usable ?

The developer said it’s becoming difficult to maintain because there are breaking changes on every update of mutter.

I’m currently reaching out to major open source vendors to try and get some funding for the project to keep it strong and eventually break it out into its own DE.

It needs some more contributors to keep up with the bugs because they are backlogging and without funding or contributions it’s going to struggle to go on.

It worked perfectly for me until this last update.

I moved to Manjaro because I thought the stability would be ensured as it was built in :frowning:

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