Materia-Graia-Compact [XFCE][GNOME]


Im not 100% sure this is ready to be shared yet but i figured why not? Ive only tested this on XFCE and Gnome and have no idea how it looks on anything else.

Nothing super special here just my tweaked Materia Compact theme, I changed the accents to green for Manjaro and all the whites/blacks to shades of gray to make it easier on the eyes. It includes transparency but only a little bit and there are no window shadows if you use my compton settings.

Ive included the theme and my compton conf to make it look exactly as i intended. You may need to tweak the compton conf depending on if you have AMD or Nvidia (i have Nvidia).

Ive been tweaking it for a few days now and Ive likely missed things or could make some improvements. If you see anything thats real bad let me know. Ill tweak it as i find things id like to change.

Windows all look transparent in the screenshot but only the out of focus windows have slight transparency. The Icons used in the Screenshot are Paper Icons

Recommend the xcursor-breeze-neutral-git from AUR as the mouse cursor to complete the neutral/gray look if you want




taking it now


I’m watching movies on the side, how do you do that that’s not transparent?


Go into the Compton settings and change inactive transparency to 1.0 instead of 0.95


Im working on Fixing some menus having text thats too light colored and also adjusting the theme for use with LightDM Greeter.

Im learning as i go so no time frame on the fixes but SoonTM


Theme Updated to fix text colors in GIMP menubar/GTK2 menubars and the right click menu text in whiskermenu as well as a crash when setting theme to System in GIMP

Im still working on trying to figure out how to fix the menubar for mailspring but once i do ill get it updated.

edit: one more update for today, fixed the username text color in whiskermenu

edit2: Mailspring Themeing issue is related to electron


Ive now switched back to Gnome DE but the theme seems to still work perfectly fine on Gnome. I havent done much with it since i havent found any particular issues yet in my usage. I will also add in here that i have a Theme for GIMP and Darktable also to go along with this. Theyre Dark based themes with tweaks to fit Manjaro. It fits well with Graia Compact and i prefer my photography applications to be darker hence the not entirely fitting the grey styling of Graia. If asked for I might make a Graia version just so everything is all matching


Figures, Right after i say i hadnt found any issues i found some. Fixed using Graia as a Gnome shell theme making a lot of things unreadable and just in general being a giant mess. Also accidentally made the gimp.DT theme private and thats fixed now too