Mate Tweak RGB Keyboard option

First time user these forums and Mate DE I’m really liking it for my older laptop. I have searched these forums, the web, and watched videos but couldn’t find the answer to this…

I’m using an old Alienware laptop that has a backlit keyboard and noticed in Mate Tweak there’s an RGB Keyboard option. When I activate it, it places Thee circular icons on the panel one has arrows, then a 9 and then the letter A.

I’m stumped to how it works, I’m unable to click or right click them, pressing a or 9 doesn’t seem to do anything. I’m sure I’m missing something so any info on the feature would be appreciated.

a quick search for:
“linux mate tweak rgb keyboard”
found this in third place:

Enable Keyboard LED in MATE-Tweak - Support & Help Requests - Ubuntu MATE Community

perhaps it helps …

For laptops without CAPSLOCK or NUMLOCK lights, or my gaming keyboard whose NUMLOCK light failed, it’s very handy to know if they’re on.