Mate-session-manager for GNOME

For watching autostart-programms in GNOME I would like to have something like:
which shows many more entries than “Gnome-Tweaks”. (hidden too).
Cannot be started by icon / .desktop, not included or am I blind?!

On octopi i found gnome-session .

On octopi i found gnome-session .

Very nice

  • but is nothing similar to"Gnome-Tweaks" --> Startup Programs.
    Configuring Root Auto-Start required.
    mate-session-manager can do.

gnome-session contains the GNOME session manager, as well as a
configuration program to choose applications starting on login.

But not for the user to configure autostarts…
Only systemd-things.
Ubuntu has: “gnome-startup-applications
but the mate-version mentioned above in Manjaro repos can do more than this…

Simplest method would be to create a .desktop file for mate-session-manager

How To???

From AUR
Manage Gnome3 startup Apps and Scripts
Manage Gnome3 startup Apps and Scripts

Managing startup applications in gnome is not as straightforward as in some other desktops. Most of the desktop environments manage startup applications with desktop files, and gnome also uses this approach for some applications. However, in addition to this, gnome components also internally autostart some other components. That makes disabling some components quite difficult.

If you want to disable something, copy the relevant desktop file from /etc/xdg/autostart to your ~/.config/autostart and add the line Hidden=True to the file. If something can’t be disabled like this, it either should not be disabled or requires special treatment.


You’re looking for gnome-session-properties available in the AUR. It’s no longer maintained and was dropped from GNOME as of 3.12. It still works, however.

gnome-tweaks has few entries.
gnome-session-properties (from gnome-startup-applications has more.
mate-session-manager has most. Need pkexec btw for system autostarts.
I for my part think: the suggestions of Chrysostomus are the best way.

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