Mate panel indicators half sized

Hello friends!

This is my first ever post here .

I am having a bit of an issue.
More specifically the mate panel indicators every once in a while are chopped in half .For instance look at the audio panel indicator. :slight_smile:

This is a random issue and i really don’t know what causes that. Any ideas?
Thanks in advance!

Try increasing or decreasing your panel height.

i did that, however the problem remains

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Another image showing this random issue.
Now the language selector is cut vertically and date/time applet missing

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Anyone else having this problem? :confused:

Apparently not.

I’ve never seen this and I’ve run MATE for years.

I’m not sure whether asking in Greek will help. :slight_smile:

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Where you suggesting to ask then? :thinking:

Here maybe:

Oh wait, looks like that was you…

Essentially, if you’re the only one seeing the issue it’s going to be difficult to find the cause. It could be the panel, it could be the system tray applet, it could be the applets themselves, it could be your GTK theme or DPI settings or …

I’d start with a new user profile and try different things to see what, if anything, has an effect.

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Hmm i see. I guess i have to live with that…
Thank you for your time!

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