[Mate] mate-panel : continuously increasing memory consumption

mate-panel continuously increasing memory consumption goes from 40 MB to way beyond 400MB. Using the out of box configuration with only 2 applets netspeed and workspace switcher added. Please refer to the screenshot.

Screenshot at 2020-07-26 01-32-57

Logout and login restores lower consumption which again goes up to the same level in a few hours.

Note: wnck-applet also has a similar problem and it crashes over 100 MB asking to reload the windows switcher, workspace switcher & show desktop.

Screenshot at 2020-07-26 02-01-46

The issue is also reported on Mate desktop github issues: https://github.com/mate-desktop/mate-panel/issues/1085

A fix offered is mate-panel built with Out Of Process Plugins

Maintainers kindly check and do the needful, hopefully the next update will fix it.

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