[MATE desktop] Telegram tray icon not opening application on click

Hi everybody!

As the title says, I'm missing this feature of the app. Using MATE 1.22.1, Telegram 1.8.2.
I have a similar configuration in another system with Linux Mint 19.2 (MATE 1.22.0, Telegram 1.2.17) and it works perfectly.
Also, the icon is not showing at full resolution - it's not an issue for me, but may be related to the click issue.

Any ideas or hints on what to check?


Hey! :slight_smile:

I had similar experience on Deepin, but for some reason (either update of Telegram or most likely DE itself it got resolved and never came back).

Pure speculation:
Since Mate as far as i understood was also initially based on Gnome (as recently Deepin had been), probably you should ask Mate devs directly about it , seems like some old Gnome bug on their side. :thinking:

But maybe maintainers of Mate edition here would have some other idea :slight_smile:

P.S. Also try going to Telegram Advanced settings and toggle Show tray icon off-on - sometimes it actually worked even when this bug was around...

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