Mate desktop does not display icons or status bar

good morning I have this problem for a week and tried to find the solution online and found nothing, please someone who can help me or if this issue is already solved leave me the link

Probably a bit late, but just in case.

Silly question but have you tried waving the mouse around where the panel should be? Maybe auto-hide is on.

If not, you could try MATE Tweak, there's a 'Panel' tab, where you can set a panel layout.

I have no idea what your issue is.

And I am probably not the only one. ???

You're correct, just thought I'd offer an option to help get some info rolling, besides you never know it might've fixed the panels. :grin:

I should probably just leave things to the more experienced troubleshooters.

They've probably given up and reinstalled or something by now anyway.

It's a bit difficult to see on the forum if using dark theme. The panel is at the bottom of his screen shot but it appears to lack a menu and/or tray icons. Click on it to see.

@jonathan01 have you tried a different theme?

Doh, I knew I should've opened that up. :lying_face:

I should keep the mouse over to the right more, cos when you hover the overlay obscures it too. :frowning:

Seems to uphold my hypothesis that if you post the wrong answer someone is more likely to come along and correct you, than to provide the answer in the first place.

@jonathan01 Right click on the bar at the bottom, click 'Add to panel' and select the things you want there.

EDIT: Assuming you haven't already fixed it. Also MATE Tweak might've fixed it too.

hello the truth that I tried many times resetting the panel and nothing was left as hung but I had to install another environment of scrotrio de xcfe

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