MATE Control Center

I have Manjaro KDE edition and have since removed KDE and tried (many) other DEs, and am currently using MATE. My problem is:

  1. I had to manually add a control center shortcut to the System menu, i.e. It wasn’t installed there by pacman.
  2. The control center is mostly empty: It has a pamac shortcut (Add/Remove software), LightDM greeter settings, ARandR, blueman, and qt5ct, but nothing else. On a Debian install, the control center has all the things you’d expect in a settings app, but they are absent on Manjaro

I don’t consider myself a beginner in linux or Arch, but I cannot think of what could possibly be wrong. Any help would be appreciated,

Big Caballito

The mate-control-center package does not only include the actual control-center app, but rather all configuration apps. Did you run

sudo pamac install mate-control-center