Mate 1.22 is released

no more python 2
more approch to wayland
only gdbus ( end of dbus-glib)
better use of systemd for close session
more hdpi integrated


And brisk-menu build and use (?) is broken.



I hope brisk will be upgraded soon :slight_smile:

I’m trying in Arch. Mate 1.22 and brisk was updated to 0.5.02 work ok. I’m waiting could be available soon in manjaro, my main distro

I’m brisk-menu-git AUR maintainer and brisk-menu AUR co-maintainer. As of now, brisk-menu is working but… No more icons in category.

More infos here:

Work in progress, for now. And Mate 1.22 is in Manjaro unstable. Just wait, please.

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