Matcha-light themes have incorrect icon colors in Budgie desktop

The themes "Matcha-light-aliz", "Matcha-light-azul", and "Matcha-light-sea" that come installed on Manjaro Budgie by default do not work properly. Some of the icons are dark when they should be light. When using one of these themes the taskbar looks like this:

Selecting different icon themes such as "Paprius-Light" or "Papirus-Dark" doesn't fix it.

Selecting "Built-in theme" in Budgie Desktop Settings sort of fixes it, but then some things like the text in the notifications panel is too dark and is barely visible. (I would upload another image but new users can only upload one.)

The themes "Arc" and "Arc-solid" from the community software packages work correctly, but I would like to use "Matcha-light-azul" instead because it has better contrast in my opinion. The normal versions such as "Matcha-azul" do work properly, but I prefer the light themes.

This is what the notifications panel looks like using the "Matcha-light-azul" theme with "Built-in theme" selected in the Budgie Desktop Settings:

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