Matcha Dynamic SDDM Theme

So another piece of Matcha I've been working on ..

Make sure to read the gitlab page for easy install and config options.

As always - test and let me know how it tastes :hugs:


is it possible to login using typing username and password
in sddm.
i mean can we type username.
as chili theme dont allow manually typing username.
if i want to login as root its not allowed.
does this theme allow to login by typing username?

That seems like a good thing.

although its good but.its limiting the user.

... you shouldnt really login as root.
But you really shouldnt login to the Desktop/GUI as root like at all, ever.
I cant think of a single time that was required.
But I can think of a few times people tried and broke things..

What would ever be a valid reason to login to a DM as root?

it was just given as example i know login as root can break thing.
the question is it possible to login using typing there is '+' button or something which allows you to type username

well let me tell you real reason why i want a option to type username.
well i made an attempt to create blackarch repo manjaro iso and
it was created and i used chili sddm theme.
but you know what some rather test account took prority.and manjaro username did not live iso.
it was when i was testing if that thing boots or not.
since i had no way to login to manjaro user in live boot.
i couldn't see if it was working.
and i will never try manjaro+blackarch again the iso size gone up to 12 gb.
i dont wanna think about doing those experiments again.
that damn iso did not even go past sddm.

...drop to tty then login, in that very specific case.

CTRL+ALT+F3, type 'manjaro'. done.

But it could be implemented. Right now there is no easy 'option' for it.

In breeze for example, you would just comment out a handful of lines ..
This is set up a bit differently though :wink:

virtual keyboard button is not at bottom left cant access virtual keyboard

Experimenting with it.
For example - it will show if you do

QT_IM_MODULE=qtvirtualkeyboard sddm-greeter --test-mode --theme /usr/share/sddm/themes/matcha
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yes the virtual keyboard shows up.
but its in test mode and the real need is on login screen.

Well, yes, I understand. The point it that environment variable allows it ... but we dont want it everywhere because .. well use it to launch kate for example.

can you test for me in /etc/sddm.conf
under the [General] section make sure to have this line (if not, create it):


it the virtual keyboard is shown at login screen

In my case the line was missing entirely - but once enabled the theme did its job of effectively hiding it behind the button. and its moveable and everything as intended too.
yippee. :slight_smile: I guess I'll add it to the README.

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Going to push some changes, including better defaults:

(and will better match the new splash too)


:yum: It was easy to install and tastes great. The default settings suit me fine but thanks for the hint about tinkering with settings. I'm using illyria-default-lockscreen-nobrand as the background image still which fits it nicely.

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This theme has no package in the repo yet? Can't find anything sddm related when searching for Matcha.
@Ste74 oversight? :slight_smile:

No package yet

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let me see what happen


Please see the package matcha-kde if contain the sdd theme .. as i can see is into it..