Matcha Dark Pueril Green Close Button Doesn't Appear on all applications

I love the Green Close Button that Appears on Matcha Dark Peuril theme, but it won’t show up on nearly all my applications (with the exception of Firefox). It won’t even show up on Thunar, instead it defaults to the Red X close button.

Is there any way I can change this to be consistent? I very much like the green X button and would like to see it on as many of my applications as I can.

Thanks in advance.

i don’t see that theme, is it something you added?

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I misspelled it, it’s the Matcha-dark-pueril theme. I’m pretty sure it came with the standard XFCE release, though I could be wrong, it wasn’t available on my Pi 400 ARM version of XFCE…

Nothing in the repos, nothing on google, check your theme name again, look for its details in Pamac.

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Nothing in Pamac … dang, it’s spelled exactly as such, possible I accidentally renamed the whole theme? Unlikely… I don’t know how/where I got this…anyone know how to access more advanced theme settings for changing the close button in applications like thunar and codium?

Matcha-dark-pueril has recently been optionally available in all my XFCE installations without to need a special installation. Maybe the other gentlemen here take a closer look?


But I don’t know where in matcha-dark-pueril the described green close button for applications should be found …

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The button you’re referring to is part of the Window Manager theme.

Open Settings Manager → Window Manager → Style (tab) → select Matcha-dark-pueril under the Theme option.

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That was it! OMG, thank you!!! :heart_eyes:

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