Marked solutions

I have trust level 1 and I can apply solutions and also unapply them to topics where I’m not the OP. This isn’t wanted behavior right?

Or maybe there are different ideas about standard applied permissions?

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When someone registers the forum and asks for a help request, they have to be able to mark as solution the comment that was justified for them to be considered solution. What if there are multiple ways to deal with something, multiple forum members share those in different comments? The OP might reconsider, and switch to “another solution” or realize that was actually not a solution.

Indeed that plugin might require more investigation but it doesn’t seem to have many options. Only @admins can take a closer look to those settings, and security tab.

I think OP here is trying to report that they can mark solutions on topics where they should not have that ability.
(as a mod I really have no way to verify this :woman_shrugging:)

Indeed we can’t. Hopefully the admins will take a look at it.

What, no dummy account so you can check stuff as a normal user? :stuck_out_tongue:

It is certainly a configuration issue, unless there are multiple ‘marked as solved’ . Over on another discourse forum, where I am a moderator, I did not have the option to mark posts as ‘solutions’ until I was made moderator.

In fact, the only real setting that seems to relate to this even says

Allow topic owner and staff to mark a reply as the solution

so dunno why it’s allowing any joe blow to do it. I’ll tick it and see… let you fight over the solved checkbox! :laughing:

I guess an admin took a look at it, because I cannot do it anymore (on topics where I’m not the op).

Indeed, option is missing for me now also, so it looks like the issue is solved! :wink:

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