Many thanks to Linux and Manjaro Team!

Once again today, an update that can be counted in Gb was carried out in a few minutes without any problems.

Thanks to the Manjaro team. :kissing_heart: :star_struck: :star_struck:

I had to do the migration of a friend’s machine to Windows 11 yesterday … several hours and then I had to fight again to remove the settings reactivated by Microsoft to repeat that no we do not want to use Edge by default etc., etc., it is in these moments that I remember how lucky I am to use Linux for a long time and Manjaro for 2 or 3 years.


Same. I’ve had nothing else on my computer for just over a year, now. And man! Am I happy and thrilled about it.
My wife thinks it’s weird, wrong and doesn’t want to touch it. I shiver thinking about having to ‘upgrade’ her Windows 10 laptop and then I wish I could hug my Manjaro.

Thanks every single one!


Actually, no, it wasn’t in G flat; it was in D sharp minor Dorian mode. :slight_smile:

No, wait… Hmm… I guess y’all talkin’ 'bout something else, right? :thinking:

:clown_face: :stuck_out_tongue:


I have an old pc with Windows 7 on that I use with my tachograph reading software (can’t find anything in linux). Other than that I’ve been strictly linux for 6 years. Windows is just so bloated, slow and full of ads its ridiculous. Thank god linux offers a lifeline


I have been a happy Linux user for six years now. The last four are on Manjaro. I sometimes go around my system just to have fun how smoothly everything works.

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