Many closed topics shortly after creating

My question is simple. Why are so many topics closed quickly? I wanted to respond to a post or two, but I can see that the topic has been closed in the meantime.


there is a limit on number posts for 24h
until we reach another status member

Please translate. Does not compute. what is ‘another status member’


Read “member status”


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You only get so many posts per day. It will increase as you spend more time on the forum.

Sorry, but what is ‘another member status’. So where may I find my member status.

This might help you further Understanding Discourse Trust Levels

We are currently all “new” to the forum and have to wait to able to do certain things.

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I don’t think this has to do with what the op means. I noticed it as well. I think it has more to do with moderating (people, not software). Maybe they’re applying stricter ruling to keep topics informative.


I understand that, and it may be justified, but what does this have to do with closing the topics quickly? So does all this mean that if the number of posts reaches a certain limit, will the topic be closed automatically?

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Thank you for understanding the essence of my post. :slight_smile: I also thought that moderation could probably be relatively stricter.