Manually add to Dolphin's "Places" panel

Hi all!

This is just for interest sake and not at all important, seeing as everything is working as it should.

I have several mounts to cloud providers that I use with rclone.

These mounts do not happen automatically, I manually mount them as neccessary, and everything works like a charm.

I was wondering though, is there a way to add the newly mounted directory to Dolphin File Managers “Places” panel if the mount was successful? And a command to remove it? (When the mount is unmounted?)

As I said, this isn’t important, it would just be very cool!

“Devices” section of the left panel does this for me automatically.
If you dont see it … right click over there and you can ‘unhide’ entries … or even manually add a location.
(or even drag+drop)

Hi @cscs!

Thank you for the reply!

I Just tested and double checked this and unfortunately it isn’t working. I suspect it’s because it’s not a mount as usual (in fstab or the like, I don’t know how else to put it) but, rather, a virtual file system, handled by rclone. (And not by the kernel, I suspect.)