Manual Swap Partition on CAD Workstation

I have 256GB ECC REG DDR4 on my workstation. I am confused when it comes to swap partition for huge amount of ECC REG. i have looked at the table and it says the following:

Amount of RAM 256GB
No hibernation 16GB
With Hibernation 272GB
Maximum 512GB

Which type of swap would be more benificial for my CAD Workstation? should i chose No hibernation or Hibernation?
P/S Swap Partition must be created on the same SDD device along with the Manjaro OS? or can i put the swap and other partition such as / , home, boot separately on other SDD?

Do not bother with swap partitions on SSD and especially with that amount of RAM available. Use a swapfile or even better for your situation, use systemd-swap

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I Thank you Sir for your reply!
I Will do that! with this method i can create snaps of my system?

Unrelated. Read this:

I have to say that your one person with style!
Thank you for your suppor.