Manual partition of 2 drives with encryption


I bought a used PC and a used GPU and want to install Manjaro on it (encrypted).

I installed it before to test all the parts and everything works fine. I want to install it now encrypted.

My drive configuration is like this:
SATA SSD 128GB : is / and also the bootable drive that came with the PC
NVME Drive 1TB from the old Laptop (only connectable in a way that is sadly not bootable): is /home

I installed it via manual partiton and encrypted / and /home with a different key, but at the start of my pc i only had to input the / key and when i logged in /home was allready mounted without inputting the different password.

My question is: Is that normal that /home mounts without inputting the password even if it is encrypted? Does Linux automatically mount and enters the pw on boot because /home is necessary? Shouldn’t I have to enter a pw first or am I missing something?

The main question is: what is your current configuration? Your scenario is possible – you unlock / then system can automatically load keys for /home from /. dm-crypt/Encrypting a non-root file system - ArchWiki

Don’t really know what you mean by configuration? If you mean what kind of encryption, then whatever the manjaro Installer gives you

Mainly what parameters you give to your container in /etc/crypttab.