ManjaroWish:lxqt-kwin Edition



you change the settings in lxqt configuration center and to change kwin settings you need systemsettings
or you can just paste the content of skel which i have given in zip to your /home/user/


I tried, I am able to launch those from the panel Application Menu but the screen does not load the images. It stays black just like that.


i dont understand what you say
please explain
i am not getting it correctly.
if you say about wallpaper.
or something else


You told me to do this to fix the issue I mentioned, I said I have tried to execute those softwares however the desktop is still showing black screen only.


Both Light & Dark skel folders in the zip is empty, I just put them in /home ? You removed the minimal edition of LXQt Kwin Light from sourceforge? :roll_eyes:


skel is not empty.
copy the contents of skel to home
there are . files and are hidden
enable show hidden
and for the minimal edition in light version
is removed because i was trying to upload dark edition and by mistake i uploaded in the place of light.and it was currpted.


Yes because you use the same file name for both editions! I was almost confused too.

I’ll go check if the skel folders have hidden files or folders now.


so i changed the names for iso’s


change wallpaper and disable slideshow from
desktop preference.

wallpapers are located in /usr/share/backgrounds/wallpapers-2018/
use livewallpaper

i think all iso are suffering from having black screen as wallpapers.
and the reason is for some reason the custom wallpapers that i added have been corrupted.
so its showing black screen instead of that wallpaper.


I just installed the light version, seems much heavier than the dark one. You made it look like Gnome Desktop. I need to disable the window effects, is it in the wm settings? I can’t find Kwin settings.


install systemsettings
and i have updated dark edition also
also updated gaming edition and made it have same theming as dark one


So I just update from pacman or need to download the iso again?
I tried to install lxqt-connman-applet but it failed to boot up after bios…


Cmst is a little complicated for me… lol


no need to download iso
i think i need to do some changes to it.
i am thinking of renaming it to whim os


you can install networkmanager and nm-connection-editor
disable connman using
systemctl disable connman
then enable Networkmanager
systemctl enable NetworkManager


Yes I did exactly those, I needed a GUI so I installed network-manager-applet which was unable to start so my best bet was to reboot, and it just won’t boot to the desktop anymore .


It’s only my second month into starting Linux from scratch. It’s challenging because things break so easily even when you make 1 small mistake. So far I have installed about 1392 times Linux, 1129 of them are manjaro.


whoah thats a lot of times.
if you dont want to reinstall then take backups.backup to a known working state then if something does break you can restore it back.


It’s faster for me to reinstall than getting back up with TimeShift. Lucky enough to have a rooted Android phone I just plug in the usb cable and boot live with my phone. I have about 60gb of iso in my memory card and 150gb in my Windows machine.


Sorry wish can you please tell me how do I off the effects in your edition? Those moving Windows effect and minimize/switch applications are too heavy for my machine.