ManjaroWish:lxqt-kwin Edition





Do you have a place to share the profile and settings?


yes see the first post i have edited it
and for the setting skel setting i will upload it to github.just dont know how as i have not tried uploading anything to github

Network and brightness

If you can archive the settings in tar.gz - you can mail them to me?

I can pm my address.


i will mail you


the light version


i always wondered why pamac(gtk) in lxqt did not have minimize maximize close buttons in lxqt.
now i know why.after setting environment variable in lxqt session settings.i can get close and minimize buttons.


Downloaded both Dark editions however after installed the Regular I noticed that it doesn’t have that blurred transparent background as the images you showed here. I was gonna download both the Light editions now and I also noticed that Light edition weighs about 200MB more than the Dark ones. Gonna need some guide to setup ConnMan (i.e. setup Static IP, DNS, IPv4, IPv6 and so on)

Everything else is PERFECTO! What a great job you have done, hope this will be merged with the current LXQt community edition.



It might be that opengl is disabled
In .config/kwinrc
Make sure you have

You can always install systemsettings
To configure kwin graphically


Unbelievable support revert timeframe! I’ll get to it right away and get back to you.

Thank you very much indeed!


Just to make sure with you, both Dark and Light .iso shares the same filename? What are the chances of converting to .torrent? :wink:


Torrents are blocked in my university
I tried to upload to osdn but uploading time i got error.i think osdn is also blocked.


Hmm no worries then, at least I can still pause downloads from SourceForge (hopefully not long pauses).


i have uploaded zip file of iso profile and skel setting


If you don’t want to install systemsettings you can install kde-cli-tools and use kcmshell5 to load the modules. I made a desktop file that adds them to the LXQt Configuration Center.


thank you but where should I put the lxqt-kwin-setting.desktop file so that kwin settings will appear in LXQT configuration center
edit:found it after placing the lxqt-kwin-setting.desktop file in /usr/share/application
it appears in lxqt configuration center

i also added desktop file for sddm configuration
for sddm configuration to work have to install sddm-kcm


[Desktop Entry]
Exec=kcmshell5 kcm_sddm

X-KDE-Keywords=sddm,display manager,theme
X-KDE-Keywords[ar]=sddm,مدير عرض,سمة
X-KDE-Keywords[bs]=sddm,menadžer ekrana,teme
X-KDE-Keywords[ca]=sddm,gestor de sessions,tema
X-KDE-Keywords[ca@valencia]=sddm,gestor de sessions,tema
X-KDE-Keywords[cs]=sddm,správce obrazovky,motiv
X-KDE-Keywords[da]=sddm,display manager,tema,login skærm
X-KDE-Keywords[el]=sddm,διαχειριστής εμφάνισης,θέμα
X-KDE-Keywords[en_GB]=sddm,display manager,theme
X-KDE-Keywords[es]=sddm,gestor de pantallas,tema
X-KDE-Keywords[eu]=sddm,bistaratze kudeatzailea,gaia
X-KDE-Keywords[fi]=sddm,display manager,theme,kirjautumisruutu,kirjautumisohjelma,sisäänkirjautumisruutu,sisäänkirjautumisohjelma,teema
X-KDE-Keywords[fr]=sddm,gestionnaire d’affichage,thème
X-KDE-Keywords[gl]=sddm,xestor de pantallas,tema
X-KDE-Keywords[he]=sddm,display manager,theme,מנהל תצוגה,ערכת נושא
X-KDE-Keywords[id]=sddm,pengelola display,tema
X-KDE-Keywords[it]=sddm,gestore dello schermo,tema
X-KDE-Keywords[ko]=sddm,display manager,theme,디스플레이 관리자,테마
X-KDE-Keywords[lt]=sddm,ekrano tvarkytuvė,tema
X-KDE-Keywords[pa]=sddm,ਡਿਸਪਲੇਅ ਮੈਨੇਜਰ,ਥੀਮ
X-KDE-Keywords[pl]=sddm,menadżer wyświetlania,motyw,wystrój, zarządzanie wyświetlaniem
X-KDE-Keywords[pt]=sddm,gestor de autenticação,tema
X-KDE-Keywords[pt_BR]=sddm,gerenciador de tela,tema
X-KDE-Keywords[ro]=sddm,gestionar de afișaje,temă
X-KDE-Keywords[ru]=sddm,display manager,theme,users,login,greeting,logo,styles,background,wallpapers,sessions, shutdown,restart,диспетчер сеанса,диспетчер входа в систему,пользователи,логин,вход в систему,приветствие,логотип,лого,стили,тема курсоров мыши,указатели мыши,фон,обои,сессии,сеансы,завершение работы,перезагрузка,выключение,автоматический вход в систему
X-KDE-Keywords[sk]=sddm,správca obrazovky,téma
X-KDE-Keywords[sl]=sddm,upravljalnik zaslona,tema
X-KDE-Keywords[sr]=sddm,display manager,theme,СДДМ,менаџер пријављивања,тема
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X-KDE-Keywords[sr@latin]=sddm,display manager,theme,SDDM,menadžer prijavljivanja,tema
X-KDE-Keywords[tr]=sddm, görüntü yöneticisi, tema
X-KDE-Keywords[uk]=sddm,display manager,theme,керування входом,сддм,тема
X-KDE-Keywords[x-test]=xxsddmxx,xxdisplay managerxx,xxthemexx
X-KDE-Keywords[zh_CN]=sddm,display manager,theme,显示管理器,主题
X-KDE-Keywords[zh_TW]=sddm,display manager,theme

Name=Login Screen (SDDM)
Name[ar]=مدير الولوج (SDDM)
Name[bs]=Prijavni ekran (SDDM)
Name[ca]=Pantalla d’inici de sessió (SDDM)
Name[ca@valencia]=Pantalla d’inici de sessió (SDDM)
Name[cs]=Přihlašovací obrazovka (SDDM)
Name[da]=Login-skærm (SDDM)
Name[de]=Anmeldebildschirm (SDDM)
Name[el]=Οθόνη εισόδου (SDDM)
Name[en_GB]=Login Screen (SDDM)
Name[es]=Pantalla de inicio de sesión (SDDM)
Name[et]=Sisselogimisekraan (SDDM)
Name[eu]=Saio hasteko pantaila (SDDM)
Name[fi]=Kirjautumisruutu (SDDM)
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Name[id]=Layar Login (SDDM)
Name[it]=Schermata di accesso (SDDM)
Name[ko]=로그인 화면(SDDM)
Name[lt]=Prisijungimo langas (SDDM)
Name[nb]=Loginn-skjerm (SDDM)
Name[nl]=Aanmeldscherm (SDDM)
Name[nn]=Innloggingsbilete (SDDM)
Name[pa]=ਲਾਗਇਨ ਸਕਰੀਨ (SDDM)
Name[pl]=Ekran logowania (SDDM)
Name[pt]=Ecrã de Autenticação (SDDM)
Name[pt_BR]=Tela de autenticação (SDDM)
Name[ro]=Ecran de autentificare (SDDM)
Name[ru]=Вход в систему (SDDM)
Name[sk]=Prihlasovacia obrazovka (SDDM)
Name[sl]=Prijavni zaslon (SDDM)
Name[sr]=Пријавни екран (СДДМ)
Name[sr@ijekavian]=Пријавни екран (СДДМ)
Name[sr@ijekavianlatin]=Prijavni ekran (SDDM)
Name[sr@latin]=Prijavni ekran (SDDM)
Name[sv]=Inloggningsfönster (SDDM)
Name[tr]=Oturum Ekranı (SDDM)
Name[uk]=Вікно входу (SDDM)
Name[x-test]=xxLogin Screen (SDDM)xx
Name[zh_CN]=登录屏幕 (SDDM)

Comment=Configure Login Manager
Comment[ca]=Configura el gestor d’accés
Comment[ca@valencia]=Configura el gestor d’accés
Comment[cs]=Nastavit správce přihlášení…
Comment[da]=Indstil loginhåndtering
Comment[de]=Anmeldungsverwaltung einrichten
Comment[en_GB]=Configure Login Manager
Comment[es]=Configurar el gestor de inicio de sesión
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Comment[it]=Configura gestore degli accessi
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Comment[nn]=Set opp innloggingshandsamar
Comment[pl]=Ustawienia zarządzania logowaniem
Comment[pt]=Configurar o Gestor de Autenticação
Comment[pt_BR]=Configurar o gerenciador de login
Comment[ru]=Настройка диспетчера входа в систему
Comment[sk]=Nastaviť správcu prihlásenia
Comment[sl]=Nastavi upravljalnika prijav
Comment[sr]=Подесите менаџер пријављивања
Comment[sr@ijekavian]=Подесите менаџер пријављивања
Comment[sr@ijekavianlatin]=Podesite menadžer prijavljivanja
Comment[sr@latin]=Podesite menadžer prijavljivanja
Comment[sv]=Anpassa inloggningshanterare
Comment[tr]=Giriş Yöneticisini Yapılandır
Comment[uk]=Налаштування керування входом до системи
Comment[x-test]=xxConfigure Login Managerxx


what i dont want to install is plasma-workspace
and its dependancy of systemsettings.
and kcmshell5 cant work without plasma-workspace.
the reason for this is because installing plasma-workspace adds plasma session option in xsession.when creating iso.after installing system it goes in plasma session instead of lxqt session and blank desktop is presented.
the workaround for this that i did was deleting the plasma session option from /usr/share/xsession/
not installing plasma-workspace at all

the problem is that even when in sddm.conf i specify lxqt session
it booted directly to plasma.


It’s getting a little confusing here lol. What’s the function of the zip that you posted? What’s skel settings? How do I use it?


the zip file contains all the modification i made to create the iso.
the /etc/skel is where you store all configs of
and settings
see manjaro-kde-setting package for example what this package does is it installs configs in /etc/skel.which decide the look of your de and configs of apps like autostart.
i dont have such package
as i dont know how to create a package.
so i have given it in zip
and as for desktop-overlay in the zip is what i used to create iso
packages-desktop is for which package to add.
its to use with


Yes I am digesting the buildiso page in Manjaro wiki. Gonna take some time, earlier I tried to install kwin to stock Manjaro LXQt and it was successful so I removed obconf-qt and openbox. It boots up alright but with a black screen with just the panel. I thought it was the sddm problem, I reinstalled sddm but it didn’t change anything. How can I troubleshoot that?