ManjaroWish:lxqt-kwin Edition



this is a manjaro linux spin with lxqt and kwin
i have done some theming

note:both edition’s do not include any networkmanager related packages instead they use Connman and its frontend CMST

download regular spin
download minimal spin
sha1=b68a0caee1751cfd18d7a4271e554ada4cd44f86extra packages in regular

#---------=> applications

>extra firefox
>extra firefox-extension-https-everywhere
>extra firefox-decentraleyes
>extra firefox-extension-privacybadger
>extra firefox-ublock-origin
>extra manjaro-browser-settings 

>extra shotcut
>extra converseen
>extra pdf2img-c
>extra soundkonverter
>extra transmageddon
>extra keepassxc

>extra kid3-qt

>extra tigervnc
>extra telegram-desktop

>extra steam-manjaro
>extra libreoffice-fresh

>extra pdfsam
>extra krita
>extra blender
>extra cantata
>extra mpd
>extra perl-uri
>extra smplayer
>extra audacity
#-----------=>smplayer opt deps
>extra smplayer-themes
>extra smplayer-skins
>extra smtube
>extra youtube-dl
>extra mplayer

#---------=> printing
>extra manjaro-printer
>extra skanlite

#---------=> samba
>extra manjaro-settings-samba

>extra gvfs-nfs
>extra gvfs-smb
>extra ksysguard

>extra kvantum-manjaro
>extra qt5ct

#---------=> opt deps for transmageddon
>extra gst-libav
>extra gst-plugins-bad
>extra gst-plugins-base
>extra gst-plugins-good
>extra gst-plugins-ugly

>extra jre8-openjdk
>extra jdk8-openjdk

minimal packages

>basic falkon
>basic kolourpaint
>basic elisa
>basic mpv


You should always provide checksums for your ISOs, or better a signature.
Without it, it’s impossible to check integrity.


Looks great! If it wasn’t for the panel, it could be mistaken with Plasma.


It’s nice your showing LXQt some love. It is an under-apreciated desktop. Nicely done.


Maybe Librewish should work together with the current LxQT maintainer?


I like it! I have been playing around with it for a little while now on my “distro hopping” computer that has like 3 different distros on using a live usb and just pulled the plug to replace one of the other distros that are on it. The only complaints I can find is it maybe has more programs on it to start out than I would maybe want (guess I could have went with the minimal) a few of the icons in the “task manager” widget seem to be a little too dark but over all I like it. I am glad to see LxQT come along and how well it seems that it and peices of KDE seem to mesh well together.


the icons are too dark but i could not do anything about it as if i choose light ones the desktop items get too bright and on white background they are not distinguishable .


i think i forgot to add appimagelauncher

and about pcmanfm-qt it wont open as root
i just have to add switch user command as
lxqt-sudo dbus-launch %s
and it will open as root


Nice! I always felt that lxqt and kwin belonged together.


Nice - that makes my experiments obsolete :slight_smile:


if you encounter any issue.i suggest using lxqt git packages from aur after install as they include many fixes and new features.the git packages are not in manjaro repo the ones in repo are outdated .

cp -b -f /usr/share/color-schemes/BreathDark.colors ~/.config/kdeglobals

is the solution


I shall give that a shot tonight.


created another iso’s with dark theming and some minor profile changes
and replaced juffed-qt5 with notepadqq
added zramswap by default