Manjarowish kde plasma full with all kde-applications and kernel 5.0 and kv arc dark theme

first of all check if you have 32 bit libraries installed.
as i have not installed multilib the iso.
all have one thing multilib may not be enabled.

Or in :wink:


this is a multimedia edition with wine and gaming on testing branch
with almost all kde applications.
so a new refresh with changes
this edition does not come with tlp
cpu governor is set to performance by default
so it should reduce freezing and hardware disable problems
comes with zram and zswap enabled

changes and features

both firefox and chromium so you get best of both
comes with
with media convertors such as handbrake
comes with gamemoded
added wine with all opt deps
with dxvk installed
rpcs3 - playstation3 emulator
llinux steam integration
retroarch with cores
comes with virt manager
if you want to setup pci passthrough

changed sddm theme to matcha-dynamic-sddm theme made by @cscs

splash screen

changed the dull wallpaper with green


sha1 : 046c7f4eb534068e7f6cd2e948a05c35e6a5628d

md5sum : b4c006c63acc3568b2e3548a54a68035


cool, button, down left, kodi/plasma :slight_smile:
Username sgs in login Sgs, Time English, date German, only English aviable

My workflow in moment is nearly 0 :wink: , nothing is on the right place :smiley:
Konsole need

sudo chsh --shell=/bin/zsh $USER

and reboot to use zsh, on top of Konsole-window was zsh but shell was bash.
But same problem like in Xfce, grep ^ dos not work, only with \ in front of ^

~ >>> grep -a ^Server /etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist                                                                                                                       
grep: Bilder: Ist ein Verzeichnis
grep: bin: Ist ein Verzeichnis
grep: Dokumente: Ist ein Verzeichnis
grep: Downloads: Ist ein Verzeichnis
grep: Inkscape: Ist ein Verzeichnis
grep: Musik: Ist ein Verzeichnis
grep: Öffentlich: Ist ein Verzeichnis
grep: Schreibtisch: Ist ein Verzeichnis
grep: Videos: Ist ein Verzeichnis
grep: Vorlagen: Ist ein Verzeichnis
~ >>> grep -a \^Server /etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist                                                                                                                   [2]
Server =$repo/$arch
Server =$repo/$arch
~ >>>   

Maybe some one knew a solution???

But all together nice work @Librewish , thank you :slight_smile:

report sddm theme problem to @cscs
i just took his theme and modified background + font

and for the zsh shell
well i dont know why its not set as default so i just changed it to default in konsole.
in lxqt-kwin its set as default shell.
and i dont have to change anything in there.
edit : okay i now know that in profile i did not specify the zsh shell so bash is default

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I'm good at living with it the way it is, I just fell for it. :slight_smile:

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I got mentioned, so hullo.

I use it currently with no issues... but only in english (and dont use zsh if that matters).
[but one of the points was to be able to better take up language .. so ...]

And I cant say I fully understand the issue. Please help me understand ?

On display 6:39 PM "must" be 18:39 then the date was right in german "Donnerstag ...".
Hope that help.

The first letter of the user name is converted to upper case.

So this is a sort of ArcoLinux Manjaro respin?

What? No.
This is manjaro KDE with an individuals tweaks - largely aesthetically.
[though some of those aesthetics can have system impact. Such as if you mess the DM things go bad]

Me again :wink:
Can the darkening of an inactive window, for example "smplayer, mpv, QtAV ...", when a movie is played, be turned off?

Ok, always on top do it :slight_smile:

Time/Date can be modified in the theme.conf file. At the moment it is set to
time.format=h:mm A

I'm trying to look at the translate thing, which seems set.

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Thank you :slight_smile:
date.format= is empty, but is correct, take locale?
I change time format to time.format=hh:mm
If it not work I let it empty too. Can't restart right now.
Ahh, path could be helpful for other user, here theme matcha.

sudo micro /usr/share/sddm/themes/matcha/theme.conf

set micro to vi, vim, nano ... :wink:

Bookmarked :slight_smile:

Yes. This SDDM theme works a bit differently, but should give some extra config options that are easily set in the theme.conf file.
See here:

and actually I just pushed a keyboard layout fix you might want to take advantage of :wink: @SGS


Time = fixed :slight_smile:

font.capitalization: Font.Capitalize in

     Text {
            id: username
            Layout.alignment: Qt.AlignCenter
            text: user.isCurrent ? : ""
            color: user.isCurrent ? conf("text.color.focus") : conf("text.color.normal")
            font.pointSize: user.isCurrent ? conf("text.size.focus") : conf("text.size.normal")
            font.bold: user.isCurrent ? conf("text.bold.focus") : conf("text.bold.normal")
            font.italic: conf("text.italic")
            font.capitalization: Font.Capitalize
            visible: showUsername && constrainText
            Component.onCompleted: if (conf("text.font") != "") = conf("text.font")

Font.Capitalize Alters the text to be rendered with the first character of each word as an uppercase character.

What happens if I delete this? ;-)

Perfect :smiley:


desktop effects inactive window to darken. can be turned off if you dont want to have it.

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Can't stop playing :wink:



what steps are needed in order to use your beautiful work on an existing install?

Thanks in advance,


Kidding :smiley:

Checkmark :ballot_box_with_check: only :wink:

It’s a custom spin or his own custom iso.

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